Aline is a secure, cloud-based manufacturing line management software that enables end users, OEMs, and their partners to collaboratively monitor the health, data, and install base of a line’s critical equipment throughout its lifecycle. Data may be analyzed and recorded to mitigate risk and prevent issues, all in one comprehensive tool.

Powerful equipment management that allows viewing, editing, and creating industry specific equipment catalogues which include data such as design guidelines, installation instruction, maintenance documents, equipment manufacturer information and other pertinent data. Accessible anywhere and by any designated user, personnel won’t need to leave the floor, which saves valuable time during Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation procedures.

Quickly create and maintain plant layouts of manufacturing lines globally and capture every detail on each piece of critical equipment. This allows for easier maintenance and operations scheduling to best meet line efficiencies and safety standards.

Comprehensive Health Checks are integral in monitoring production plants for improvements in uptime and reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns. Line assessments with Intralox Aline can standardize and simplify walkthroughs and assessments of the production equipment. Create a comprehensive set of action items for line improvement and enable external visibility for multiple users, including equipment suppliers, to be able to troubleshoot with partners collaboratively.

Aline’s KPI Metrics enables visibility to all designated users, all in one place. KPI Metrics provides dashboards and reporting tools for Corporate, Operations, Maintenance and Safety groups, allowing for increased alignment and effectiveness. The intuitive set-up allows for a clear overview of the enterprise.